Computer surveillance software to monitor your office, your home, your children, your spouse or your employees. Keep tabs on and record ALL usage of YOUR computer and Internet activity from ANYWHERE in the world!


Web-Based Remote Administration and Monitoring

SpyAnywhere provides the power to remotely control computers - all from your favorite web-browser! SpyAnywhere allows many powerful controls for remote control, and also allows you to remotely monitor other computers.

Ever need to remotely control or monitor your PC from a distance? Now you can with SpyAnywhere! SpyAnywhereallows you to remotely monitor and control PC's via your web-browser once the SpyAnywhere software has been installed on the remote PC. SpyAnywhere allows you to view system activity and user actions (in realtime!), shutdown/restart, lockdown/freeze, and even browse the file system of your remote PC! Read below for all of SpyAnywhere's exciting features!

SpyAnywhere's Key Features

View remote desktop

View programs running

View open windows

View internet connections

View internet histories

View recently viewed files

View SpyAgent activity logs

Control running applications

Control open windows

View remote file system

Edit registry keys

Send messages to user

Runs in total stealth

Launch websites and apps

Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition

Our powerful remote spy software product, SpyAnywhere, can be purchased in an optional Stealth Edition. SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition features a preconfigured installer that installs the software in optimal stealth - with no user interaction needed during the installation process. The actual SpyAnywhere software is no different than the normal SpyAnywhere version - only the installation method is different - which takes all the effort away from the user in hiding the software

Key benefits

Optimal Stealth Installation

SpyAnywhere is installed in optimal stealth, with no extra configuration needed from the user. The installation is preconfigured for OPTIMAL STEALTH so that there is virtually no chance that a monitored user will be able to detect and remove the SpyAnywhere software. You can realistically have SpyAnywhere installed, and running as fast as your PC can download the software. The actual installation takes mere seconds to complete and start monitoring!

No User Interaction Needed

No user interaction is needed during the SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition installation process. The installation only takes a few seconds to complete - the installation is completely invisible to the user.

Remotely Installable

The Stealth Edition installer is able to be emailed to remote PC's - where the remote user can download and run the installer without really knowing what is being installed. No trace or mention of "SpyAgent" is ever mentioned or shown during the install - the install is invisible to the user! You still, however, have to access the PC physically to view the activity logs SpyAgent records.

Starts Monitoring Instantly!

The Stealth Edition installer installs and executes the SpyAnywhere software in complete stealth. All you have to do is run the installer once, and SpyAnywhere will be monitoring your PC in total stealth!

SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition - Stealth Features

Invisible in Windows Task Manager

SpyAnywhere Stealth will not appear in the Windows task manager - this includes all Windows versions, from 95 to XP! The user will not know anything out of the ordinary is running!

Invisible in Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs Uninstaller

SpyAnywhere Stealth will not appear in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel. The user has no direct method of uninstalling the SpyAnywhere Stealth software.

Does not appear in Start Menu, Desktop, or System Tray

SpyAnywhere Stealth will not be visible in the Start Menu, Desktop, or System Tray. The user will have no idea anything has been installed!

Transparent Windows Startup for ALL Users

SpyAnywhere Stealth is configured to load on Windows startup (invisibly) for all users - it will even log non-administrator guest and limited accounts without additional configuration.


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